May 2021

RSA Inspiring Leaders Webinar w/ Jackie Hunter

Join BenevolentAI’s Board Director Jackie Hunter at the RSA Group’s Inspiring Leaders webinar where they’ll be asking “How Great Leaders Think”.
Mar 2021

Wired Health w/ Joanna Shields

Join BenevolentAI’s CEO Joanna Shields at Wired Health where she will be speaking about forging new frontiers in drug discovery by uniting human and artificial intelligence
Mar 2021

Cambridge Science Festival / Anne Phelan

Join BenevolentAI’s Chief Scientific Officer at Cambridge Science Festival where she will be speaking about Data science, AI and their potential to transform the discovery and development of medicines.
Feb 2021

AI in Drug Discovery Conference w/ Nathan Brown

Join BenevolentAI’s Director of Chemoinformatics & Computational Chemistry at the AI in Drug Discovery Conference where he will be speaking about using Artificial Intelligence to Optimise Small-Molecule Drug Design