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Nov 2020

Careers with impact: working in ML applied drug discovery

This meetup will look to demystify machine learning in drug discovery in order to empower female tech talent to take the leap into this important growth industry.
Oct 2020

UK Bioscience Forum w/ Gareth Jones & Peju Oshisanya

Join Gareth and Peju for two very important discussions on Intellectual Property in AI and data technologies and Diversity in data for drug discovery and clinical applications.
Oct 2020

Bio-IT World Conference w/ Mark Davies

Join Mark Davies for a talk on The Emergence of the AI Augmented Drug Discoverer and how integration of data is the foundation of which everything else is based, and describe our approach to using AI and human expertise to improve the drug development process.
Oct 2020

Elrig Drug Discovery Digital w/ Amparo Toboso-Navasa

We present an approach that we have developed using omics data to identify patient subgroups, illustrated with a case study from our patient stratification drug discovery programs.