our philosophy

We build technology in the service of science


We use AI to augment human intelligence. We design our technology to enable scientists to better understand the development of disease mechanisms, discover novel drug targets and make decisions with greater confidence. We believe this approach will measurably improve the success rate of our portfolio, and help us deliver treatments to the patients who need them.



A global and diverse team of technologists and scientists

BenevolentAI brings together a unique cross-section of science and technology teams and a world-renowned board of directors and experienced leadership team in a shared mission: to work together to redefine how drugs are discovered and developed.


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Our strategy for long-term impact

This year we took the first step in our commitment to weaving environmental, social and governance (ESG) stewardship into the fabric of our mission, and began the process of formally mapping and measuring the impact of our business and platform on our people, patients, partners and planet.



Industry recognition