29 Oct 2022

Dr Dave Michalovich
SVP Precision Medicine

Join Dr Dave Michalovich, SVP Precision Medicine, for an online talk on integrated AI/ML and omics approaches for GBM drug discovery.

Dave will be speaking at the Glioma Update: The Molecular Era, a meeting hosted by the National University Hospital Singapore. In his talk, he will give an overview of the Benevolent Platform™ and our precision medicine workflows, and present our approach to hypothesis generation and target validation in GBM.

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Dr Dave Michalovich

Dave is responsible for driving the Precision Medicine strategy at BenevolentAI, taking a patient-centric approach to understand disease endotypes, mechanisms and targets. Prior to joining BenevolentAI Dave was a Senior Scientific Director at GSK where he led discovery teams in the Adaptive Immunity Research Unit and Respiratory TA.

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