31 Mar 2021

Anne Phelan
Chief Scientific Officer

AI Hype vs. Reality

Data science and AI have the potential to transform the discovery and development of medicines. However, there is a lot of hype surrounding AI. The session will cover: What has been achieved to date? What is realistic to expect from data science and AI in the next 5 to 10 years? How can data science experts manage expectations? How can pharma and tech better collaborate to realise the potential of data science and AI in healthcare?

The interdisciplinary panel will be chaired by Gareth Mitchell, presenter from the BBC's Digital Planet.

Panellists include:

  • Dr Jim Weatherall (Vice President of Data Science & AI, R&D, AstraZeneca),
  • Professor Mihaela van der Schaar (Director, Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine),
  • Anne Phelan (CSO, BenevolentAI)
  • Dr Junaid Bajwa (Chief Medical Scientist, Microsoft Research).‍
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Anne Phelan

Anne Phelan is BenevolentAI’s Chief Scientific Officer and is responsible for all aspects of drug discovery from therapeutic area selection through to target identification, building BenevolentAI’s drug discovery portfolio, and delivering candidate molecules to clinical development. She is also the Site Head for BenevolentAI’s Cambridge Laboratories. 

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