04 Oct 2022

Nicola Richmond
VP Artificial Intelligence

Join Nicola Richmond, VP Artificial Intelligence, for a talk on using AI in the drug discovery process.

Nicola’s talk at the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) Drug Discovery 2022 conference will discuss the Benevolent Platform™ and how BenevolentAI leverages the large body of biomedical data and research available to create AI-based products and tools that allow drug discovery scientists to reason across a vast and growing data landscape, ask and answer complex biomedical questions, run in silico experiments and advance hypotheses in real-time. Specifically, she will focus on BenevolentAI’s target identification workflow and tools.

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Nicola Richmond

Nicola is Vice President of AI, and is responsible for BenevolentAI’s AI strategy and ensuring the company maintains its leading position in the AI-enabled drug discovery industry. Nicola has a PhD in pure mathematics and has worked at the intersection of AI and drug discovery for 22 years.

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