09 Sep 2022

Ana Leite
Director of Bioinformatics

Join our Director of Bioinformatics, Dr Ana Leite, for a talk on data driven approaches for precision medicine.

The Oxford Global Pharma Data congress showcases success in FAIR data implementation, data analytics, AI/ML technologies, RWE generation, scaling up data storage and infrastructure, leveraging multi omic datasets and data management strategies to help elevate research.

Ana will give a talk on data driven approaches to precision medicine, including;

  • How different approaches can be used to analyse patient clinical, genetics and genomics data
  • Implementing AI-augmented workflows to uncover insights from patient level data
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Ana Leite

Ana is Director of Bioinformatics at BenevolentAI and is responsible for leading the Product & Tech strategy for Precision Medicine at BenevolentAI, taking a patient centric approach to understand disease endotypes, mechanisms and targets. At BenevolentAI Ana also delivered a strategy for an end to end flow of Omics data, ensuring integration with the Knowledge Graph and long-term value of data assets according to FAIR principles. Prior to joining BenevolentAI Ana worked at GSK where she executed digital strategy and led bioinformatics research to drive target discovery strategies. Ana received her PhD in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT and completed her postdoctoral training at UCL Cancer Institute.

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