06 May 2022

Mark Davies
SVP Informatics & Data

Join our SVP of Informatics and Data, Mark Davies, at the LSX World Congress.

Drug discovery is ripe for disruption. A time consuming and expensive process, taking years and costing billions, the industry is crying out for faster and more accurate drug targets to test at clinical trials. However technology has not been able to keep up, until now. A panel of leaders discuss the future possibilities and applications, moderated by Steve Carney, Editor at Drug Discovery Today. Speakers include: 

  • Mark Davies, SVP Informatics and Data, Benevolent AI
  • Martin-Immanuel Bittner, CEO, Arctoris
  • Neil Sahota, United Nations Artificial Intelligence Advisor and Interim CEO ACSILabs
  • Marta Gaia Zanchi, Founder and Managing Partner, Nina Capital


  • The role in cost cutting of new drug spend and development times – how big of an impact can AI have in time and cost saving?
  • Should biopharma companies be planning for a future in where AI is routinely used in discovery?
  • AI collaboration to target, identify and diagnose faster
  • Gaining insights from clinical trial data – should everyone be taking a data science approach to clinical trials, and how?

‍Panel title: How AI, machine learning & big data are disrupting the drug discovery & development landscape for faster and more accurate lead identification‍

Date: Wednesday May 11th  ‍

Time: 14.00-14.45

Mark Davies

Mark Davies is BenevolentAI’s Senior Vice President of Informatics and Data and is responsible for acquiring and processing the vast amounts of biomedical data used to build the BenevolentAI Knowledge Graph. Throughout his career Mark has worked at the interface of technology and drug discovery and has focused on building platforms that help maximise the impact biomedical, chemical and patient-level big data can have on the drug discovery process. His team at BenevolentAI is continuing to innovate in this research space.

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