06 Oct 2020

Mark Davies
SVP Informatics & Data

The Emergence of the AI Augmented Drug Discoverer

Drug discovery is an immensely challenging problem. There are currently more than 9,000 untreated diseases with over 300 million people suffering from rare diseases for which we are unlikely to develop treatments any time soon. The drug discovery process still costs an average of $2.6 billion per drug. Even then, 30 to 50% of top selling drugs don't work for the patients in which they are prescribed for. We build technology in the service of science, specifically using AI to tackle this huge unmet need and to transform the traditional drug discovery process. In this talk Mark will discuss how integration of data is the foundation of which everything else is based, and describe our approach to using AI and human expertise to deliver validated unprecedented targets, and to enhance chemical drug design and precision medicine.

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Mark Davies

Mark Davies is BenevolentAI’s Senior Vice President of Informatics and Data and is responsible for acquiring and processing the vast amounts of biomedical data used to build the BenevolentAI Knowledge Graph. Throughout his career Mark has worked at the interface of technology and drug discovery and has focused on building platforms that help maximise the impact biomedical, chemical and patient-level big data can have on the drug discovery process. His team at BenevolentAI is continuing to innovate in this research space.

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