22 May 2023

Gabriel Rosser
Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Join Dr Gabriel Rosser, Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist at BenevolentAI, at SLAS Europe for a talk on AI-augmented mechanistic target identification.

We are witnessing an exponential increase in the availability of biomedical data and published research findings. Despite this vast and expanding collective dataset, human diseases remain a significant unsolved problem due to limitations in how we translate basic research into effective treatments.

BenevolentAI has built a Knowledge Graph that integrates large quantities of diverse and independent biomedical data sources — including over 35 million scientific papers, terabytes of genetics and genomics data and the contents of dozens of structured databases — to capture a detailed mechanistic representation of the dysregulated processes that underlie human disease. The Knowledge Graph can be explored or modelled using machine learning tools to uncover novel disease targets. In this talk, Gabriel Rosser will detail the AI-driven process at BenevolentAI to identify therapeutic targets and uncover more effective disease-modifying treatments.

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Gabriel Rosser

Gabriel Rosser is a Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist at BenevolentAI, where he works on approaches to prioritise targets from multiple 'omics modalities, combined with BenevolentAI's Knowledge Graph. Gabriel obtained his D.Phil. in Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford in 2013.

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