05 Sep 2022

Dr Dave Michalovich
SVP Precision Medicine

Dave will be speaking on the “The Quantified Self Panel”, which aims to generate interesting and engaging discussions covering topics such as; 

  • How to deal with, communicate, and successfully utilise large datasets efficiently to advance healthcare research?
  • How can we benefit from digital technologies in precision healthcare, and what are the pitfalls that need addressing?
  • How do we harmonise big data with the definitions of clinical phenotypes and diagnosis?
  • How do we ensure equitable access to genomics-based technologies?
  • What impact on innovation would you most like to see, or are most excited about, regarding multi-omics datasets? 

Speakers on the panel include:

  • Prof Sir Mark Caulfield - VP for Health, Queen Mary University of London
  • Robert W Kotchie -President, Real World Solutions, IQVIA
  • Sir Harpal Kumar - President, BioPharma Business & Europe GRAIL, LLC
  • Dr Dave Michalovich - SVP Precision Medicine, BenevolentAI
  • Leanne Summers - Head of AI Strategy, NHS Transformation Directorate
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Dave Michalovich

As Senior Vice President of Precision Medicine, Dave Michalovich is responsible for driving BenevolentAI’s precision medicine strategy, taking a patient-centric approach to understanding disease endotypes, mechanisms and targets, and applying computational biology, genomics and genetics to drug discovery. 

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