Jan 2023

Data & Digital Innovation for Climate & Health

Joanna Shields, CEO BenevolentAI, joined the Wellcome Trust Panel at the World Economic forum to discuss opportunities for data and digital innovation to impact positively climate and health.
Sep 2022

Text & Data Mining in Drug Discovery: A Conversation with Springer Nature

Hear Mark Davies, SVP Informatics and Data, speak to Springer Nature about how BenevolentAI is leveraging the scientific literature to expedite drug discovery.
Aug 2022

Innovation Week: pushing the boundaries of AI in drug discovery

BenevolentAI’s Innovation Week enables our team to reflect, build and test new ideas and push the boundaries of AI in drug discovery.
Apr 2022

BenevolentAI · AI-Enabled Drug Discovery

Advanced technologies, combined with an exponential increase in biomedical data and research, provide an unparalleled opportunity to unravel the mysteries of diseases that have gone untreated for too long.