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Mar 2020

Challenges of designing an AI platform for Drug Discovery w/ Marek Kultys

Our Senior Product Designer explores the design process at BenevolentAI where he builds user facing tools that help our scientists discover and develop new medicines.
Feb 2020

Data Diversity Initiative: Tackling the Medical Research Data Gap

In this video, a panel of experts explore the data-diversity problem, suggest solutions and demonstrate the societal and business case for data diversity.
Feb 2020

Charting the progress of BenevolentAI’s collaboration with AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca and Benevolent share their experiences of working together on CKD and IPF using both teams expertise in data and machine learning.
Feb 2020

Break-Out Week: a space for creative thinking

Get a behind the scenes look at what the BenevolentAI Break Out Week is: a whole week dedicated to getting to know each other better, being creative and testing new ideas.