20 Apr 2023

AI drug discovery

Anne Phelan
Chief Scientific Officer

BenevolentAI’s CSO, Anne Phelan, explores the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the target identification process.

In this talk at the Royal Society, Dr Anne Phelan discusses BenevolentAI’s approach to AI-enabled drug discovery. BenevolentAI has built a comprehensive knowledge graph incorporating and capitalising on many orthogonal data modalities, to build a detailed mechanistic representation of the dysregulated processes that underlie human disease. Powerful AI and ML tools are used to interrogate this corpus of knowledge, to hypothesise novel biological targets of potential therapeutic value for any disease of interest. These hypotheses are experimentally validated in physiologically relevant human cell based systems, before entering the BenevolentAI drug discovery portfolio. 

Anne also describes the current status of AI in drug discovery and her vision for future technological solutions that will help to overcome some of the key challenges required to affect change across the entire R&D value chain.

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