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Feb 2021

Tech Nation Visa: the gateway to world-leading UK tech jobs

Drawing attention to the Tech Nation Visa, a great initiative that enables the brightest international talent to live and work in the UK.
Dec 2020

Joanna Shields speaks at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

BenevolentAI CEO Joanna Shields opened the final plenary of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) summit with a powerful message on the future of AI.
Dec 2020

BenevolentAI wins Innovation Award at 2020 Scrip Awards

BenevolentAI wins the Innovation Award at the prestigious 2020 Scrip Awards for our work in artificial intelligence applied drug discovery.
Dec 2020

Intern at BenevolentAI part II: what to expect from your internship

What makes the best tech internships? Learn about what our 2020 interns have been up to, and how interning at Benevolent helped their career development.