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We partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help them unlock biological insights, tackle therapeutic challenges from new angles and develop novel drugs for a range of complex diseases.


Work with us to enhance drug discovery and development

We enable our partners to leverage the benefits and insights of the Benevolent PlatformTM to drive innovation in drug discovery and generate novel treatments. Our versatile Platform can find targets for any disease and drug modality, and we can work with partners across every stage of the drug discovery process, including target identification, molecular design and precision medicine.

Target Identification Collaboration

Access an ever expanding data landscape to better understand complex underlying disease biology, and use our AI tools to find drug targets that have never been considered for a disease before.

Chemistry & Molecular Design Collaboration

Determine the optimal drug design via our AI-augmented molecular design capabilities. We combine the power of computational chemistry and advanced AI to enable data-driven drug design.

Precision Medicine & Indication Expansion

Identify key patient subgroups and biomarkers for targeted treatments using our AI-based approaches, increasing your probability of clinical success. We can also help identify the full expanse of disease indications relevant to your drug.
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