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We work with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic research institutions to unlock biological insights and develop novel drug treatments.


Combining expertise to transform and accelerate drug discovery and development

No one business can revolutionise the way medicines are discovered and developed alone. We enable our partners to leverage the benefits and insights of the Benevolent Platform® to drive drug discovery innovation and generate novel treatments. We work across every stage of the drug discovery process from Target Identification, Molecular Design through to Clinical Development and Precision Medicine.

Target Identification Collaboration

Maximise the opportunity to find novel drug targets for disease areas of interest, working with our cross-functional team of expert technologists, data scientists and drug discovery scientists.

Chemistry & Molecular Design Collaboration

Determine the optimal drug design via our AI-augmented molecular design capabilities.  We combine the power of computational chemistry and advanced AI to enable data-driven drug design.

Precision Medicine Collaboration

Identify key patient subgroups for targeted treatments using AI approaches, increasing probability of clinical success and also determine the full expanse of disease indications relevant to your drug.
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