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Case Studies


BEN-2293: Atopic Dermatitis

Our most advanced asset is BEN-2293, a potent topical pan-Trk inhibitor for atopic dermatitis, which is now in a Phase Ib/IIa clinical trial. Results from the Phase Ib safety and tolerability study enabled progression to the Phase IIa study, with results expected early in 2023.

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BEN-8744: Ulcerative Colitis

BEN-8744, our novel PDE10 inhibitor under development for ulcerative colitis, demonstrates the power of the Benevolent Platform™ to surface therapeutic targets not previously linked to a given disease. BEN-8744 was nominated as a clinical candidate only 2 years after programme initiation.

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Drug development licensing partnerships

We are actively exploring licensing discussions, and development and commercialisation partnerships for specific assets in our pipeline.


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