A note from our CEO

The exponential increase of biomedical data and research has brought us to the precipice of a profound change in how we approach human health; we must capitalise on this moment.

Today information is siloed, and data is guarded more often than shared. And yet, any one data point could represent a piece of the puzzle in solving the mysteries of disease. If we can unlock new insights and derive new knowledge from this data, we can accelerate innovation and increase the probability of discovering a successful drug.

We have set ourselves an audacious goal, but by uniting purposeful technology with talented scientists, our mission is becoming a reality.

Joanna Shields
our vision

Building a healthier world in which no disease goes untreated

This is not a world that will emerge; it is a world we must create. So we’re building technology in the service of science in order to deliver life-changing medicines for patients in need.

What we do
OUR people

We are mission-driven to preserve human life

Multi-disciplinary teams of drug discovery and machine learning scientists bring unique and unorthodox perspectives to the way we interpret, classify and extrapolate biomedical data, significantly accelerating our capacity to discover new biology. What we do is not easy, and we push ourselves to the furthest boundaries of our capabilities to deliver on our mission. Ultimately, this passion and drive to succeed is what makes Benevolent so special; we care deeply about what we do, and we care because it matters.

Our offices
London Headquarters
4-8 Maple Street, London W1T 5HD
New York Office
15 MetroTech Center, 8th FL, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Wet Lab
Babraham Campus, Cambridge CB22 3AT
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9 rue de Bitbourg, L-1273 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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