Mission-driven to preserve
human life

At Benevolent we build technology in the service of science - to augment human intelligence and inspire the discovery of new medicines for the thousands of diseases that
have no treatment.

our vision

A world in which no disease goes untreated

We apply AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies to reinvent the ways drugs are discovered and developed. Our mission is to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life changing medicines for patients in need.

Why it matters
The team

Our Benevolent People

Building the right team is an art not a science. We strive to bring together unique skills and perspectives across biology, chemistry, engineering, AI research, informatics, precision medicine and drug discovery.

We search for driven people who are not afraid to be challenged - who want to tackle the most demanding problems and are willing to embrace new ideas. We are an eclectic bunch, united by our belief that innovative thinking and purposeful technology can truly change outcomes for the better.

Our offices

Where we work

4-8 Maple Street, London W1T 5HD
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1 Dock 72 Way, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Jobs in New York
Babraham Campus, Cambridge CB22 3AT
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