A note from our CEO

"We are drowning in a sea of data and starving for knowledge”. This quote from Nobel prize winner Sydney Brenner encapsulates the information paradox in scientific discovery. Biomedical data and research is growing exponentially, and even the most accomplished scientists can’t keep up. As humans, we just can’t process mass volumes of disparate data and make sense of it all, but with the help of AI and machine learning, we can.

At BenevolentAI, we harness the power of this vast and growing corpus of biomedical data and make it accessible and useful for scientific inquiry. We are unique in our scope and ambition: we believe that any single data point has the potential to unlock the mysteries of disease. By empowering scientists to uncover new insights from this data, we can accelerate innovation and increase the probability of discovering a successful drug.

This is the mission we have set ourselves at BenevolentAI. We do it because it matters.

Joanna Shields

We build technology in the service of science

Empowering scientists is the central force driving the development of our technology. Using our discovery Platform and tools, scientists can identify possible connections and targets never before associated with a disease, make development decisions with greater confidence and advance their research faster.

What we do

Life-saving COVID-19 research

BenevolentAI scientists used our AI tools to identify a potential COVID-19 treatment in just 48 hours. The drug was later shown to reduce deaths by 38% in hospitalised patients and was approved by the US FDA to treat COVID-19.

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