Nikki Robas

VP Drug Discovery

Nikki Robas is Vice President of Drug Discovery, responsible for leading projects from AI-enabled target identification and validation through to clinical candidate selection. Her team uses the Benevolent Platform™ to identify new therapeutic targets across a range of diseases whilst also working directly with BenevolentAI’s tech teams to provide feedback that helps drive improvements to the Platform and shape new products that can enhance drug discovery. Nikki’s team drove BenevolentAI’s drug discovery efforts in inflammatory bowel disease, identifying an AI-generated target with a novel mechanism of action for ulcerative colitis, and rapidly delivering a candidate drug to CTA-enabling studies.

Nikki has 26 years of drug discovery experience, including 15 years at Pfizer working across a range of therapeutic areas from target identification to early clinical trials, followed by a period focusing on translational medicine in the biotech and medical research charity sectors.