Nicola Richmond

VP of AI

Nicola Richmond is Vice President of AI, and is responsible for BenevolentAI’s AI strategy and ensuring the Company maintains its leading position in the AI-enabled drug discovery industry. Fundamentally, Nicola is driven by applying ML/AI technology to solve challenging problems in the drug discovery space to ultimately make a difference in patients’ lives.

Nicola has a PhD in pure mathematics and has worked at the intersection of AI and drug discovery for 22 years. During her post-doc, she developed the algorithm that lies at the heart of a commercial product (GALAHAD) that has been used throughout the worldwide pharmaceutical industry to elucidate 3D pharmacophores for virtual screening. Nicola joined GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 2004 where she made several key contributions. Her statistical approaches for actioning high-throughput screening data are in continual use across GSK’s early drug discovery portfolio, and her work on predicting the stable expression of therapeutic antibodies has reduced manufacturing cell line development timelines by 85%. Nicola also built and led the Fellowship Programme which has helped educate and inspire the next generation of brilliant minds who want to apply AI to drug discovery and impressively achieved a 50:50 ratio of women to men.