Neal Lewis

VP of Platform Architecture

Neal Lewis serves as the Vice President of Platform Architecture at BenevolentAI, where he holds a pivotal role in shaping the software architecture, software tools, machine learning, and data infrastructure that underpin the company's applications, data processing, and AI pipelines. With a career spanning 13 years in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering,

Neal brings extensive experience to his role, which extends to fostering software engineering standards and guiding the career growth of the company's software engineers.
Throughout his career, Neal has remained committed to harnessing emerging technologies to simplify and enhance the work of experts in healthcare and drug discovery. As Vice President of Platform Architecture, he is focused on developing cutting-edge tools to enhance the scientific community's expertise at BenevolentAI, facilitating deeper research and scientific impact. His leadership aims to position BenevolentAI at the forefront of technology, with the ultimate goal of improving medication accessibility and affordability while advancing artificial intelligence and drug discovery fields.