Ed Savory

VP Drug Discovery

Ed Savory is Vice President of Drug Discovery at BenevolentAI, where he is responsible for overseeing the AI-augmented medicinal chemistry projects from early discovery through to preclinical development. He leads BenevolentAI’s chemistry team, covering early discovery chemistry, synthetic and medicinal chemistry, scale up/process chemistry, cheminformatics and computational chemistry.  

He is passionate about harnessing multidisciplinary expertise and creative thinking to design the best compounds to solve multifaceted drug discovery challenges and help deliver drugs into the clinic. He has 20 years of experience, and has identified eight drug candidates and four drugs that progressed into clinical trials. Before joining BenevolentAI, Ed worked for Cambridge Biotechnology, BioVitrum, Proximagen and Upsher-Smith, where he successfully led multiple chemistry and cross-disciplinary project teams across a diverse range of biological targets and disease indications. Ed holds a BA and DPhil from the University of Oxford.