Atima Bhatnagar

VP of Customer Success and Support Product Management

Atima Bhatnagar is VP of Ops & Quality at BenevolentAI, and is responsible for optimising the use of the Benevolent Platform™ to enhance disease deployments from a tech ops and quality perspective.

Atima is a service and quality expert with a BSc in Business Communication Systems. She joined GSK as a future leader on their graduate programme, and then spent 16 years gaining valuable experience in many areas of GSK’s business from corporate to R&D. Her roles have included aspects of problem management, change management, operations and support, service design and transition, quality from a GxP and pharma compliance perspective, product strategy, and implementation and strategic facilitation of change programmes both process and organisation driven. With her Agile Coaching abilities she also brings knowledge of large scale transformation and value propositioning. Prior to joining BenevolentAI she helped to implement a critical strategy for clinical reporting and analysis, transforming the way in which statistical analysis will be done at GSK moving forward.