Dr. Anne Phelan


Anne Phelan is BenevolentAI’s Chief Scientific Officer and is responsible for all aspects of drug discovery from therapeutic area selection through to target identification, building BenevolentAI’s drug discovery portfolio, and delivering candidate molecules to clinical development. She is also the Site Head for BenevolentAI’s Cambridge Laboratories. 

Anne’s key strengths focus on promoting organisational delivery and productivity. She is passionate about building high-functioning and cohesive teams with equal gender representation at every level that are committed to delivering life-changing medicines to the clinic.

Anne has over 25 years of experience in pharma and biotech, and has worked on all stages from early discovery to late-stage drug development. Before joining BenevolentAI, Anne worked for pharma (Pfizer) and biotech (Mission Therapeutics), across a wide range of therapeutic areas including fibrosis, pain and neurodegeneration. She was Head of Pharmacology and Chief Operating Officer for Pfizer in the UK where she was responsible for the generation of primary and secondary data to support the portfolio. Anne holds a BSc and PhD in Genetics from the University of Liverpool, UK.