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Oct 2020

Rob Quinn to join BenevolentAI as Chief Financial Officer

Rob Quinn to join BenevolentAI as Chief Financial Officer to guide the company's growth and financial direction.
Oct 2020

NIAID releases additional data validating BenevolentAI’s hypothesis for baricitinib as a treatment for COVID-19 patients in large-scale randomised control trial

Additional data from the ACTT-2 randomised control trial shows reduced time to recovery and improved clinical outcomes for patients with COVID-19.
Oct 2020

BenevolentAI welcomes Professor Russ Altman as scientific advisor

As a scientific advisor at BenevolentAI, Professor Russ Altman will help our scientists to further push the boundaries of machine learning applied drug discovery.
Sep 2020

BenevolentAI’s platform-derived hypothesis for COVID-19 treatment validated in US NIAID randomised control trial

NIAID trial shows baricitinib in combination with remdesivir reduces the recovery time in patients hospitalised with COVID-19, validating BenevolentAI’s AI-derived hypothesis.