We believe that no patient should suffer without treatment

We are tackling one of the most challenging and pressing problems facing humanity today - thousands of diseases have no cure.

BEcause it matters

We work to preserve human life and give patients new hope

Discovering new and more effective medicines

Many of the top-selling drugs don't work for patients. At BenevolentAI, we use AI and machine learning models and tools to predict with greater accuracy and precision what mechanisms and pathways are causing disease and what target we must modulate to treat that disease; enabling us to engineer new medicines that work better for patients.

Delivering life-changing medicines faster

Developing a drug can take a decade or more and the overwhelming majority of new drug programmes fail. By re-engineering drug discovery and identifying why patients are more likely to respond to treatment, we can accelerate new drug programmes and increase the probability of success.

Searching for new treatments for rare and neglected diseases

It costs billions to bring a new drug to market, leaving many disease areas neglected under the current economic model. By applying advanced technology we can drive down the costs of drug development and bring new hope to patients.

Our work to decode the novel coronavirus

Using our AI tools and biomedical knowledge graph, we identified an approved drug that could potentially inhibit the viral progression and the body’s inflammatory response to the novel coronavirus.

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The Benevolent Data Diversity Initiative.

It is well documented that the lack of diversity is a serious issue and immediate action is required. Our data diversity initiative exists to provide a forum to people who want to bring actionable solutions to help create a more inclusive world where no patient is left behind.


Our latest publications

Leading edge research by Benevolent scientists and engineers has been recognised in top journals including Nature, The Lancet, and The British Medical Journal.