Peter Allen

Non-Executive Director and Chair
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Appointment to the Board
May 2024

Experience and expertise
Peter has over 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry. He has expertise in M&A, international growth strategies, fundraising, investor relations and the commercialisation of intellectual property. 

Having stepped down as chairman of Abcam plc after its $5.7bn sale to Danaher, Peter remains as non-executive director of Istesso Ltd, a privately held biotechnology company. Until Dec 2023, he also served as chairman of Advanced Medical Solutions plc and, until Aug 2022, as chairman of Oxford Nanopore plc following its London IPO earlier in the year. Prior to this he was chairman of Clinigen plc for nine years, sold to Triton for £1.3bn in 2021, ProStrakan plc, which he guided to a £300m sale to Japan's KHK in 2013, and Proximagen plc, sold to Upsher-Smith in 2012.

He is a chartered accountant and in his executive career spent 12 years at Celltech Group plc to 2004 as CFO and later Deputy CEO.

Current external appointments
Peter is non-executive Director of Istesso Ltd.