Olly Oechsle

VP Product Engineering

Olly Oechsle is VP of Product Engineering at BenevolentAI. He is responsible for the engineering teams creating the Company’s Knowledge Graph, including those responsible for natural language processing (NLP), structured data, graph generation and engineering pipelines, as well as those developing application programming and user interfaces (APIs and UIs) needed to visualise that data for end users based on the best possible data foundations.

Olly is also well-known for his ability to clearly communicate the complexity of the Benevolent Platform™ to audiences with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including all new team members across BenevolentAI.

Olly earned a PhD in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Essex University and has 13 years of industry experience. Prior to joining BenevolentAI in 2015, he worked across a range of diverse industries, including finance, farming and the media in a variety of roles focused on software development and user experience (UX).