Dr. Daniel Neil


Daniel Neil is BenevolentAI’s Chief Technology Officer, and is passionate about developing and delivering transformative technologies that tackle some of the most challenging problems in science. He is responsible for building and developing the Benevolent Platform™ to support the Company’s mission to discover new medicines. Daniel organises and oversees the five functions in product and tech, including engineering, AI, informatics, product and project management, guiding their work to apply machine learning and other advanced technologies to the world’s biomedical data, extracting insights from that data at scale, and enabling drug discovery scientists to make better decisions throughout target identification and drug development.

Daniel is also responsible for future innovation at BenevolentAI, including facilitating data integration at scale, information extraction and inference using multiple data modalities, and enhancing the interplay and trust between human and artificial intelligence via explainable AI and data visualisation.

Daniel has worked at the intersection of technology and biology for over 15 years. After a foundation in biomedical computation at Stanford, he worked as a technology consultant with Accenture in Silicon Valley before obtaining a PhD in Switzerland at ETH Zurich in machine learning and neuroscience. He is the author of more than 40 publications and patents in research areas spanning biologically motivated machine learning, algorithm development and neuroscience, with over 3,000 scientific articles citing his work.