Dave Michalovich

SVP Precision Medicine

Dave is responsible for driving the Precision Medicine strategy at BenevolentAI, taking a patient centric approach to understand disease endotypes, mechanisms and targets. Throughout his 23 years in the Pharma/Biotech industry Dave has been passionate about the application of informatics, genomics and genetics to understand disease mechanisms and identify new targets. Prior to joining BenevolentAI Dave was a Senior Scientific Director at GSK where he led discovery teams in the Adaptive Immunity Research Unit and Respiratory TA, and has previously held positions at Syntaxin, Curidium Medica, Inpharmatica and Smithkline Beecham. Dave’s academic background is in molecular and cell biology. His first degree is in microbiology (University Reading) which was followed by a year at the EMBL Data Library, Heidelberg. Dave studied for his PhD in the laboratory of Gene Structure and Expression (NIMR Mill Hill, London and Erasmus, Rotterdam) followed by post doctoral work on axonal guidance mechanisms at Kings College London.