ELRIG w/ Prof Jackie Hunter

Join BenevolentAI’s Board Director, Jackie Hunter, at ELRIG Research & Innovation 2022 for a keynote presentation

There are multiple opportunities to apply artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to drug discovery to uncover novel insights, enhance understanding and augment scientific decision making, in order to ultimately increase efficiency and increase the chance of success. In this talk, Jackie Hunter will chart the progress of AI in drug discovery from promise to reality, by providing examples from BenevolentAI's in-house drug pipeline and its partnerships with pharma companies. She will also show how AI can impact the whole value chain via a case study from Brainomix, where she also serves as Board Director.

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Jackie Hunter

Board Director of BenevolentAI

Jackie has over thirty years of experience in the bioscience research sector, including leading neurology and gastrointestinal drug discovery and early clinical development for GlaxoSmithKline. She founded OI Pharma Partners and most recently was Chief Executive of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. 

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