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Product Developement

Statistical Geneticist

The Company

BenevolentAI unites technology with human intelligence to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines. We have developed the Benevolent Platform®, a drug discovery platform built on powerful data foundations with state of the art machine learning and AI technology. Our technology empowers scientists to decipher the vast and complex code underlying human biology, find new ways to treat disease and personalise medicines to patients. Benevolent has active in-house R&D drug programmes in disease areas such as neurodegeneration, immunology, oncology and inflammation and has research and commercial collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and research organisations. The company is headquartered in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and a further office in New York.

Who we are

We are an eclectic bunch at Benevolent, united by our belief that innovative thinking and purposeful technology can truly change outcomes for the better. Our mission is to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines for patients in need and we do this by applying AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies to reinvent the ways drugs are discovered and developed. We strive to bring together unique skills and perspectives across biology, chemistry, engineering, AI research, informatics, precision medicine and drug discovery.

The Role

We are looking for a statistical geneticist with a passion for using human genetic analysis to impact drug discovery programmes at BenevolentAI. You will join a team, based in central London’s knowledge quarter, building and deploying a suite of tools for causal inference and patient stratification in our drug discovery programmes. Working closely with colleagues from machine learning, data science and drug discovery, you will bring statistical genetics tools together with machine learning methods to generate new biological insights. You will bring your skills and experience to bear on diverse methodological and scientific questions that have direct impact on Benevolent’s drug discovery programmes.

The dynamic environment that you will join at Benevolent offers many opportunities for a talented, motivated individual to influence our drug discovery programmes, supported by access to a wealth of data, infrastructure and expertise. We have a particular focus on deriving and applying more precise definitions of disease, and discovering medicines tailored to patients in those groups. You will be working to make precision medicine a reality alongside Benevolent’s world-class teams of data scientists and biologists, and an international network of external collaborators.

Primary Responsibilities

  • You will use your expertise to apply and develop state-of-the-art statistical genetics methods that maximise the impact of genetic analyses on our drug discovery programmes.
  • You will define the scientific and technical challenges in delivering translational insights using human genetics and work with cross-functional teams to develop new solutions.
  • You will be responsible for delivering and explaining findings from these methods to colleagues from a range of disciplines.
  • You will work closely with colleagues to integrate genetic analysis workflows with other elements of the BenevolentAI discovery platform.
  • You will work as a member of a cross-functional team comprising specialists in informatics, engineering, AI, drug discovery and product. In these teams, you will apply the latest advances in statistical genetics to drug discovery and development.
  • Contribute to existing external collaborations and build new relationships.
  • You will be part of collaborative teams with external partners.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Development and management of external collaborations.
  • Management of scientific outputs such as publications.

We are looking for someone with

  • BSc/MSc + 2 Years experience or recent PhD in human statistical genetics or closely related discipline.
  • Excellent skills in population-based genetic discovery for complex traits (WES/WGS), and its application to disease outcomes, survival and quantitative traits.
  • Strong Python programming skills.
  • Experience and expertise in post-GWAS analysis and interpretation, particularly methods for causal inference (e.g. colocalisation, Mendelian randomisation) and gene prioritisation.
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills using statistical programming packages e.g. python, R, shell scripting
  • Experience in handling and analysing large-scale genomic and phenotypic patient-level data.
  • Exceptional skills in theoretical and applied statistics.
  • Experience in processing array genotype and genome/exome sequence data for analysis.
  • Knowledge of software development techniques, continuous integration, Git, Kubernetes, AWS.
  • A commitment to an empirical approach to therapeutic development.
  • A keen interest in using human genetics to answer translatable scientific questions.

Together, we envision a world in which no disease goes untreated. If you are benevolent, curious, want to tackle real world problems and are willing to embrace new ideas, hit that ‘apply’ button and join us.

Important Note

It has come to our attention that unfortunately fraudsters have been falsely offering jobs and set-up fake interviews under the guise of being a Benevolent recruiter. We therefore advise you to be very stringent about who is reaching out to you. Any enquiry from our team will only be made via the email or an email from this domain Please flag any suspicious contact request to