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Product Development

Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist

The Company

BenevolentAI unites technology with human intelligence to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines. We have developed the Benevolent Platform®, a drug discovery platform built on powerful data foundations with state of the art machine learning and AI technology. Our technology empowers scientists to decipher the vast and complex code underlying human biology, find new ways to treat disease and personalise medicines to patients. Benevolent has active in-house R&D drug programmes in disease areas such as neurodegeneration, immunology, oncology and inflammation and has research and commercial collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and research organisations. The company is headquartered in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and a further office in New York.

Who we are

We are an eclectic bunch at Benevolent, united by our belief that innovative thinking and purposeful technology can truly change outcomes for the better. Our mission is to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines for patients in need and we do this by applying AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies to reinvent the ways drugs are discovered and developed. We strive to bring together unique skills and perspectives across biology, chemistry, engineering, AI research, informatics, precision medicine and drug discovery.

The Role

The Informatics and Data team is focused on applying bioinformatics techniques to drug discovery and precision medicine. We have two openings within our Knowledge Graph and Precision Medicine functions and we are keen to hear from experienced Bioinformaticians, with a passion and proven track record of integrating and analysing biomedical datasets, to join the growing Informatics and Data department. You will find yourself working as part of a cross-functional team supporting BenevolentAI’s data integration, target identification and precision medicine activities.

Precision Medicine Team:

The Precision Medicine team is applying state of the art AI models to multi-omics data in order to simultaneously identify drugs targeting disease-relevant biological mechanisms and the cohort of patients who might benefit from these treatments. As a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist in the team, you will contribute to this challenge with your technical and biological knowledge, providing guidance to other members of the team and implementing the tools needed for the precision medicine activities.

Genomics & Genetics team:

The Genomics & Genetics team has established a robust and sustainable end to end (E2E) solution to simplify and streamline the capture, processing and analyses of Omics data at BenevolentAI. As a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist in the team, you will contribute to the strategy by developing Omics data flows and working closely with experts who are involved in the generation, handling and consumption of such data.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Working as a member of a cross-functional team, that brings together the best in class Informatics, AI, Engineering, Drug Discovery and Product capabilities to tackle the scientific challenges BenevolentAI is looking to find solutions for.
Precision Medicine Team:
  • Providing the bioinformatics expertise needed to analyse patient level data coming from transcriptomics or other ‘omics modalities.
  • Designing and developing programmatic tools for downstream analysis, validation and biological interpretation of the results of AI models applied to patient data.
Genomics & Genetics team:
  • Processing, integrating and analysing biomedical datasets for biological insights that lead to testable hypotheses relevant to Drug Discovery and Clinical Development programmes undertaken by BenevolentAI.
  • Developing programmatic tools and workflows that automate the analysis of biomedical datasets and integrate them into the DNAnexus platform.
Additional Responsibilities
  • As a member of the Informatics and Data department you will be responsible for defining research objectives and disseminating the latest Bioinformatics and Computational Biology research trends and developments throughout the organisation.

We are looking for someone with

  • A PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology or related field of research.
  • 3+ years experience (preferably industry), integrating and analysing ‘omics and biomedical datasets to directly support Drug Discovery activities.
  • Experience in leading projects to analyse ‘omics data and apply state of the art methods to address biological problems.
  • A strong external network of contacts across industry and academia to engage in ideas and knowledge share.
  • Excellent communicator, both verbal and written, with the ability to influence at all levels and across all departments.
  • Expert programmer in at least one language. We have a preference for Python, but are also interested in R and Java. Candidates should also be familiar with the language packages that support Bioinformatic, Data Science and Machine Learning activities.
  • Experience in using technologies we like, which include: Neo4j, GraphQL, BigQuery, ElasticSearch, MySQL, MongoDB, Spark, GitLab, Kubernetes, AWS, Jupyter.
Precision Medicine Team:
  • Proven track record of processing and deriving novel insights from ‘omics datasets and related resources, such as Gene Expression Atlas, GEO, Array Express, TCGA and LINCs.
  • Experience in downstream analysis of transcriptomics datasets using Bioconductor packages and other related toolkits (e.g. clustering, GSEA, WGCNA).
  • Familiarity with health resources including genetics and phenotype information related to patients, such as the UK Biobank.
  • Familiarity with clustering and module detection techniques (e.g. latent variable models, co-expression networks) and experience with patient-level ‘omics data.
  • Expert at designing statistical tests to answer biological questions using ‘omics datasets.
  • Experience with using biomolecular network based approaches to aid drug discovery or clinical biomarker development would be considered beneficial.
  • Experience in designing experiments to generate data and gain insights into the molecular behaviour of cellular assay systems or patient derived tissues would be considered beneficial.
Genomics & Genetics team:
  • Strong programming ability in relevant framework and languages such as Python, WDL, CWL, Nextflow, or shell scripting. Candidates should also be familiar with the language packages that support Bioinformatic, Data Science and Machine Learning activities.
  • Hands on experience working with diverse Omics data types including RNA-Seq, scRNA-seq, Chip-Seq, ATAC-seq, WES, WGS, proteomic, metabolomic data etc. from different sources.
  • Experience with DNAnexus platform and the SDK to develop analytic tools would be considered beneficial.
  • Strong background and understanding of different NGS technologies including Illumina sequencing and 10X Genomics.

Together, we envision a world in which no disease goes untreated. If you are benevolent, curious, want to tackle real world problems and are willing to embrace new ideas, hit that ‘apply’ button and join us.

Important Note

It has come to our attention that unfortunately fraudsters have been falsely offering jobs and set-up fake interviews under the guise of being a Benevolent recruiter. We therefore advise you to be very stringent about who is reaching out to you. Any enquiry from our team will only be made via the email or an email from this domain Please flag any suspicious contact request to