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Advanced technologies are helping to unlock the potential of biomedical data and extract valuable insights like never before. However, behind these new technologies lies a data gap that threatens to exacerbate existing health disparities. We have made it our mission to join forces across industries to create tangible solutions to this urgent issue.


Solving this issue is dependent on raising awareness of the lack of diverse data used in biomedical research, and the impact this can have on patients lives.

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To create change we must connect with individuals and institutions who have the appetite to share knowledge, skills and take action.

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We all have a responsibility to investigate our daily work, in order to identify potential data gaps and think about how we can reduce them.

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The more people involved in tackling the data diversity issue, the faster we will be able to solve it. We all have a role to play.

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We bring individuals and institutions together to share ideas and produce actionable solutions

It is well documented that the lack of diversity is a serious issue and immediate action is required. Our data diversity initiative exists to provide a forum to people who want to bring actionable solutions to help create a more inclusive world where no patient is left behind.

of participants in genome-wide association studies are of European descent.
of all trials exclude the elderly.
of new drugs approved between 2008 and 2013 showed racial differences in drug response.
of articles in major publications omit the sex of animal subjects.

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