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Dec 2020

One Nucleus | Genesis 2020 w/ Alix Lacoste

Join BenevolentAI’s VP Applied Sciences at One Nucleus Genesis where she will be speaking on 'Hope, Hype and Reality of AI in Drug Discovery’.
Dec 2020

AI3SD Winter Seminar w/ Sia Togia

Join BenevolentAI Lead AI Scientist, Sia Togia, at the AI3SD Winter Seminar for a talk on natural language processing in AI-driven drug discovery.
Nov 2020

EMNLP w/ Juha, Maciej & Julien

Meet up with our team at the EMLP conference where they will be presenting at the LOUHI and SustainNLP workshops. We look forward to seeing you there.
Nov 2020

PRADI w/ Alix Lacoste

Join Alix Lacoste, VP Applied Sciences for a talk on Machine learning model selection and evaluation for target identification at the Global Engage Pharma R&D, AI, Informatics, and Data Science Summit.