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Jun 2020

New tech brings new hope in our new normal | A Keynote from Joanna Shields at WeAreTechWomen

In this talk, Joanna Shields will demonstrate how human intelligence partnered with technology promises to accelerate new discoveries, new treatments, and new hope for patients.
Jun 2020

Transforming Biopharmaceutical Research with AI at The HESI Annual Meeting 2020.

Our Executive board director, Jackie Hunter, will take to the virtual stage to demonstrate how AI can be used right at the beginning of the R&D process to improve target identification and validation as well as being used to identify key pathways in disease
Apr 2020

Potential treatment for COVID-19 identified by BenevolentAI using artificial intelligence enters randomised clinical trial

BenevolentAI announced that baricitinib is entering clinical testing as a potential COVID-19 treatment. Benevolent identified the drug using its AI drug discovery platform. The trial by Eli Lilly will investigate the drug’s efficacy and safety.
Mar 2020

How historically neglecting sex differences has impacted women’s health

Sex differences have historically been neglected in clinical research, design and practice. For International Women’s Day, we explored the implications of this ‘one size fits all’ approach on women’s health.