Transforming drug discovery with AI: how we’re building and nurturing the best talent for the job
Oct 17, 2021
At BenevolentAI, we are on a mission to bring life-changing medicines to patients, and we are looking for collaborative, mission-driven people to join our tech, drug discovery and business operations teams in London, Cambridge and New York.
Expert-augmented computational drug discovery for rare diseases
Sep 28, 2021
Combining scientific expertise, computational tools and our AI-enhanced biomedical knowledge graph to successfully uncover a new drug combination for treating a rare brain cancer in children.
AI in Drug Discovery
Jul 13, 2021
This blog seeks to demystify the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in drug discovery by exploring some of the challenges, opportunities and progress that has been achieved in the field so far.
A New Era in Target Discovery: Collaborating with AstraZeneca on CKD and IPF
Apr 23, 2021
Finding the right target underpins the success of the entire drug discovery process. Learn how BenevolentAI’s collaboration with AstraZeneca is making a difference in CKD and IPF.
Wired Health w/ Joanna Shields
Mar 31, 2021
Join BenevolentAI’s CEO Joanna Shields at Wired Health where she will be speaking about forging new frontiers in drug discovery by uniting human and artificial intelligence
Cambridge Science Festival / Anne Phelan
Mar 31, 2021
Join BenevolentAI’s Chief Scientific Officer at Cambridge Science Festival where she will be speaking about Data science, AI and their potential to transform the discovery and development of medicines.