World Health Organization panel strongly recommends the use of baricitinib to treat hospitalised patients with COVID-19
The WHO has widened its COVID-19 treatment pool by adding baricitinib, the drug first identified as a COVID-19 treatment by BenevolentAI, to the top of its treatment guideline.
Jan 14, 2022
International Symposium on ALS/MND w/ Prof. Jackie Hunter
BenevolentAI’s Board Director, Jackie Hunter, will give a talk on how we’re using artificial intelligence to enhance the search for disease-modifying treatments for ALS.
Dec 9, 2021
HubXchange w/ Bryn-Williams Jones
Join BenevolentAI’s VP Drug Discovery at the AI in Drug Discovery Xchange 2021 for a talk on AI-driven target identification in ulcerative colitis and our collaboration with AstraZeneca.
Dec 3, 2021
2021 CCM Scientific Conference w/ Andrea Taddei
BenevolentAI’s Director of Drug Discovery, Andrea Taddei, joins the CCM Scientific Conference to discuss using AI to identify potential new targets for CCM.
Nov 11, 2021
Transforming drug discovery with AI: how we’re building and nurturing the best talent for the job
At BenevolentAI, we are on a mission to bring life-changing medicines to patients, and we are looking for collaborative, mission-driven people to join our tech, drug discovery and business operations teams in London, Cambridge and New York.
Oct 17, 2021
Expert-augmented computational drug discovery for rare diseases
Combining scientific expertise, computational tools and our AI-enhanced biomedical knowledge graph to successfully uncover a new drug combination for treating a rare brain cancer in children.
Sep 28, 2021