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Jun 2020

Women in Biotech

Peju Oshisanya will join three other exceptional speakers from the biotech industry to discuss their personal journeys through research and biotechnology, also delving into their expertise on AI on how we can adopt this emerging technology to the benefit of biomedical research and how we can avoid the pitfalls.
Feb 2020

Data Diversity Initiative: Tackling the Medical Research Data Gap

In this video, a panel of experts explore the data-diversity problem, suggest solutions and demonstrate the societal and business case for data diversity.
Jan 2020

Nuances of IP in drug discovery and development w/ Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones, VP of IP at BenevolentAI, explores how the growing interface between technology and scientific innovation will reshape IP strategies.
Dec 2019

Digital Economy: The digitisation of healthcare w/ Jackie Hunter

What unique challenges surround the application of digital technologies in healthcare and how do we overcome them?