RSA Inspiring Leaders Webinar w/ Jackie Hunter
May 13, 2021
Join BenevolentAI’s Board Director Jackie Hunter at the RSA Group’s Inspiring Leaders webinar where they’ll be asking “How Great Leaders Think”.
How do we get the next 10 years right? w/ Joanna Shields, CogX
Jun 8, 2020
“We need leaders with empathy who care about their fellow citizens and are prepared to work to end injustice and create opportunities for all". Our CEO Joanna Shields opens CogX 2020 sharing inspiration for the next decade.
Women in Biotech with Peju Oshisanya
Jun 4, 2020
Peju Oshisanya will join three other exceptional speakers from the biotech industry to discuss their personal journeys through research and biotechnology, also delving into their expertise on AI on how we can adopt this emerging technology to the benefit of biomedical research and how we can avoid the pitfalls.
Data Diversity Initiative: Tackling the Medical Research Data Gap
Feb 25, 2020
In this video, a panel of experts explore the data-diversity problem, suggest solutions and demonstrate the societal and business case for data diversity.
Nuances of IP in drug discovery and development w/ Gareth Jones
Jan 8, 2020
Gareth Jones, VP of IP at BenevolentAI, explores how the growing interface between technology and scientific innovation will reshape IP strategies.
Digital Economy: The digitisation of healthcare w/ Jackie Hunter
Dec 6, 2019
What unique challenges surround the application of digital technologies in healthcare and how do we overcome them?