Tech Nation Visa: the gateway to world-leading UK tech jobs
Feb 19, 2021
Drawing attention to the Tech Nation Visa, a great initiative that enables the brightest international talent to live and work in the UK.
What to expect from your internship at BenevolentAI
Dec 2, 2020
What makes the best tech internships? Learn about what our 2020 interns have been up to, and how interning at Benevolent helped their career development.
Meet the BenevolentAI 2020 Intern Cohort
Nov 26, 2020
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Careers with Impact: 5 learnings from machine learning applied drug discovery
Nov 17, 2020
Last week, we brought together four of our exceptional colleagues for a panel discussion on careers in machine learning applied drug discovery. Here are some of our main takeaways:
Wellbeing at Work Summit w/ Rohan Kallicharan
Nov 5, 2020
Join BenevolentAI’s HR Director for a panel discussion on the secrets to achieving international wellbeing strategy success.
Careers with impact: working in ML applied drug discovery
Nov 4, 2020
This meetup will look to demystify machine learning in drug discovery in order to empower female tech talent to take the leap into this important growth industry.