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Mar 2020

How historically neglecting sex differences has impacted women’s health

Sex differences have historically been neglected in clinical research, design and practice. For International Women’s Day, we explored the implications of this ‘one size fits all’ approach on women’s health.
Mar 2020

Medical data: the key to unlocking the true potential of AI in healthcare

The biomedical research data-gap risks worsening health inequality, and will be exacerbated in the age of AI. In a recent panel at Benevolent, technology and healthcare experts discussed the data diversity issue and proposed solutions.
Feb 2020

Data Diversity Initiative: Tackling the Medical Research Data Gap

In this video, a panel of experts explore the data-diversity problem, suggest solutions and demonstrate the societal and business case for data diversity.
Oct 2019

Mind the gap: the diversity issue in medical research.

It is critical that researchers collaborate and engage in collective action to address the data diversity problem in medical research, and ensure that every patient can benefit from our discoveries.