Unravelling the mysteries of disease

BenevolentAI is at the forefront of a revolution in drug discovery and development. We combine advanced AI and machine learning with cutting edge science to decipher complex disease biology and discover optimum therapeutic interventions.


To create a healthier world where no disease goes untreated

We build technology in the service of science to discover more effective therapies for patients in need.
Because It Matters’.


And we are already making an impact

Our in-house pipeline consistently demonstrates the utility of our technology in generating valuable drug programmes.

What we do

Uniting human and machine intelligence to discover new ways to treat disease

We have pioneered a fundamentally unique approach to AI-drug discovery. It begins with the belief that all biomedical information is valuable, so we analyse all relevant data sets from multiple and diverse modalities. Our computational R&D platform spans from data through to discovery and clinical development, enabling us to better understand the mysteries of human disease and increase the probability of discovering a successful drug.

A foundation built on all the world’s relevant biomedical data

Our Knowledge Graph incorporates the entire corpus of relevant, publicly available data and is continuously enriched by in-house experimental results. Our models extract and derive new insights which power our platform tools and build a clearer picture of disease.

Fusing deep tech and scientific expertise to drive innovation

We bring together deep technology and scientific expertise into a work culture that promotes continuous innovation and enables ideas to progress faster.

Expanding AI capabilities across every stage of drug discovery

We expand AI across every step of the drug discovery process, encompassing target identification, small molecule drug discovery and patient stratification as we progress our portfolio of assets through clinical development.

Our disease agnostic approach removes therapeutic data silos

We remove the bias and conventional boundaries and silos attributed to a specific pathway, disease, or therapeutic area, opening up a diverse disease space for exploration and experimentation.

A mechanistic focus to tackle complex multifactorial diseases

Detailed mechanistic representations chart the interconnectivity of biology, enabling our scientists to investigate the aetiology of complex multifactorial diseases and find novel and optimal points of intervention.


Mission-driven to preserve human life

We are an eclectic team of world-class scientists and technologists from diverse backgrounds united in a common purpose. We are passionate about building purposeful technology, and we are looking for exceptional people who share our vision and want to be part of our journey.